Cooley Distillerys Single Pot Still Poitín

Cooley Distillery's Single Pot Still Poitín

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Cooley Distillery’s Single Pot Still Poitín

Category - Spirits, Poitín (unaged Irish whiskey), single pot still, 65% abv

Available – From this month

Location: Ireland

Price: EUR30 (US$40) per 70cl bottle

Distribution: Cooley Distillery

Cooley Distillery has released a poitín to try to revive the fortunes of Ireland’s infamously strong white spirit, which was illegal for nearly 350 years. Made from malted and unmalted barley, the Single Pot Still Poitín is triple distilled and then bottled straight from the still at 65% abv. 

With 1,800 bottles produced, the Poitín is only available at Dublin airport, Dublin’s Celtic Whiskey Shop and other specialist Irish off-licences. Cooley Distillery's managing director, John Teeling, said today (1 December): "We want to bring Poitín out from the shadows."