Cool Mountain Beverage Corporation has launched a new proprietary 1-litre bottle for its Patriot Pack as well as introducing a new image.

Cool Mountain Beverages president Bill Daker said: "This new 1-litre initiative has been very well received and has already opened many new doors for our fountain classic flavours now made available to all consumers."
The new bottle, distributed nationwide, will also introduce a brand new image and look for the Cool Mountain brand including a metallic print to highlight the company's trademark name and package design.

The company said yesterday (1 May) that it has decided to retire chief hollow horn bear from its labels, despite remaining supportive to the environment.

All of the 12oz glass Cool Mountain bottles will be completely converted with the new label design by the end of the month.

Cool Mountain markets beverage brands including Cool Mountain Fountain Classic Flavours, Cool Mountain Blue, Citrine Citron, and Ruby naturally flavoured waters and, New Energy brands to be announced summer 2007. Cool Mountain is a franchisee distributed Company in the US, Canada and India.