French Customs officials have seized around EUR1m-worth (US$1.4m) of contraband alcohol believed to have been headed for the UK. 

The consignments, made up of around 47,000 litres of contraband vodka and close to 35,000 litres of whisk(e)y, were concealed aboard hgv lorries waiting to board ferries bound for the UK, French customs said today (23 August). It said that the seizures took place at cross-Channel terminals in Calais and near Dunkirk.

The smuggled spirits had been hidden among cargos of bottled water, olive oil, wine and other foodstuffs, officials said. The brand names of the products confiscated have not been disclosed.   

These seizures alone represent nearly 50% of all seizures by French officials in 2010, when 176,000 litres of contraband alcohol was uncovered.