Czech brewer Budweiser Budvar is to launch a pale draught beer in the South Bohemia region of the country.

The state-owned brewer, whose future will soon be the subject of fresh talks within the Czech government, will unveil the Pardál brand on Thursday (1 March).

Beer drinkers were given the chance to shape the formulation of the 3.8% abv beer with tasting sessions with Budvar's management. "Many months of hard work, while we were fine-tuning the beer in compliance with the future consumers' comments, are behind the final flavour of Pardál," a spokesperson for Budvar said today (26 February).

Czech government ministers are set to hold talks on the idea of privatising state-run brewer Budejovicky Budvar. An official at the Czech Ministry of Agriculture, which oversees the brewer, told just-drinks on Friday (23 February) that it is too early to say when discussions will begin.

However, the official added: "First of all, the Government has to consider all the implications of an eventual privatisation, including the influence of the ongoing trademark dispute on it. Nevertheless, the discussion whether or not to privatise Budvar is already on the desk."