Cash-strapped consumers in the UK are thinking twice before reducing their spending on wine, according to researched commissioned by the Wine and Spirit Trade Association.

The Wine Intelligence survey of 1,000 regular wine drinkers, released today (20 May), shows 60% would prefer to cut spending on sweets, chocolate, soft drinks and beer before considering cutting back on their wine purchases.

WSTA chief executive Jeremy Beadles said: "With household budgets feeling the squeeze it should be a source of some comfort to the trade that many regular wine drinkers will pause for thought before they cut back on wine purchases."

Other spending patterns revealed were that men spend more on a bottle of wine than women when buying for an occasion, wine drinkers (under 35) spend more on wine than older drinkers (over 55), and most wine drinkers think wine prices have not risen as fast over the last six months as other categories.