Constellation Europe has announced a new name for its cider operations in the UK. The company announced on Friday (15 October) that it has created the "Gaymer Cider Company" as part of its attempts to invigorate and drive forward the cider market in the UK and worldwide.

Speaking at the announcement last week, Constellation Europe's CEO, Christopher Carson said: "Cider is a category in need of leadership. (The Gaymer Cider Company) is a fundamental part of the Constellation business we are building.

"This identity has tradition and heritage, key elements of the unique appeal of cider," Carson added. "However, what is vital for us is that with this announcement we signal our intent to take a fresh new approach to cider. We aim to develop new market and new opportunities for the products."

The first new product to be unveiled will be Orchard Reserve - Stewley, a premium cider produced using the fruit from a single orchard. Other new products are in development and will be presented early next year.

Financial details for the new creation were not disclosed.