A Colombian labour union is set to appeal the dismissal of a US lawsuit against Coca-Cola Co., according to reports.

The Sinaltrainal food and beverage workers' union told the US federal court on 27 October that it intends to appeal, according to an Associated Press report late last week.

In September, a judge in Florida dismissed the two Coca-Cola bottlers in Colombia from the lawsuits brought by Sinaltrainal alleging that Coke and the bottlers were complicit in the deaths of nine workers in the country between 1990 and 2002.

Coke, which itself was dismissed from the lawsuit in 2003, has repeatedly denied the accusation but has had its public image damaged by the claim. Several US universities have boycotted the company's products on the back of the accusations.

Speaking to AP, Javier Correa, Sinaltrainal's president, said: "We are sure we'll win because the facts of the case speak for themselves and nobody has yet been brought to justice."