Odwalla has lined up a line of bottled waters for the US, containing natural fruit flavours.

The company, which was acquired by The Coca-Cola Co. in 2002, yesterday (15 February) unveiled the range of five flavours, which will be called H2Odwalla. The drinks will be sweetened with natural organic evaporated cane juice, and contains 78% or more organic ingredients.

The five flavours are Strawberry Kiwi, Blueberry Tea, Ginger Plum, Jasmine Lime and Tropical Orange. The drinks will be available in select grocery and retail stores on the east and west coasts and select natural food stores throughout the country. H2Odwalla will be offered in 20-oz. plastic bottles from next month with a suggested retail price of US$1.49.

"H2Odwalla is a category standout as it is made with organic ingredients," said Kelly Marx, H2Odwalla brand manager. "Available in five replenishing and flavourful varieties, each unique blend gives consumers a convenient drink that refreshes the body and spirit."

Formed in 1980, Odwalla was snapped up by Coca-Cola Co. five years ago for US$181m.