Coca-Cola Co. has pointed to its "ongoing, constructive engagement" with the University of Michigan for the institution's decision to allow Coke products to be sold on its campuses after a three-month ban.

The university, which has more than 50,000 students on its three campuses, was among at least 12 schools that had joined a Coke boycott. The schools have been protesting against Coke's labour and environmental practices in Colombia and India.

Coke had been unable to reach an agreement with the university on an independent review of its practices in the two countries. However, a Coke spokesperson told just-drinks today (12 April) said agreement had been reached to allow the sale of its products once more.

"The University's decision was based upon facts and we appreciate its diligence in reviewing our commitments to conduct business responsibly and with the utmost respect for both the environment and for our employees," she said.  

"We will continue to work with the University of Michigan to address issues of concern regarding our operations in Colombia and India."