Coca-Cola Company is to launch a new flavour for its spin off brand Sprite Remix. The company has confirmed that Berryclear Sprite Remix will join its portfolio, following the successful launch of Tropical Sprite Remix last April.

The move is part of a programme behind the Spite brand that will also see a new advertising campaign, featuring a character called Miles Thirst, a 10-inch "spokesman" for the brand.

A report in Dow Jones quoted John Carroll, group director for Sprite at Coca-Cola North America, saying, Tropical Sprite Remix will fade out and Berryclear will fade in.

However, until then Coke is releasing another innovation, which will allow consumers to mix their own flavoured versions of Sprite.

The innovation, called Flavor Hits, will allow consumers to add packets of grape, cherry or mixed berry flavour to their Sprites. Coke's market research apparently showed that teens were already experimenting with Sprite by adding fruit juices and even Skittles candies to make different flavours, Carroll said

In a statement Coke also said it would be repositioning the diet Sprite brand during the year.

The Miles Thirst ads will debut this Saturday on the TNT telecast of "NBA All-Star Saturday Night" during the "Sprite Rising Stars Slam Dunk" competition.
The ads, created by Ogilvy & Mather in New York, will run throughout the year on network and cable television. The ads can also be viewed online at and you can find out more about Thirst at

"The new Sprite advertising is part of an overall, integrated marketing campaign - with Thirst at its centre - that has been created to connect with young people through multiple media including an extensive online program and Thirst's own website. An in-market effort features Street Teams passing out Thirst posters, magnets, stickers and T-shirts, all designed by well-known urban artist Shepard Fairey," a statement said.