Coca Cola is under investigation by British Trading Standards officers following the media furore about its new bottled water Dasani. As reported yesterday, British media went into overdrive when Coke revealed that its Dasani water is sourced from the mains supply at its plant in Sidcup, Kent.

The Independent reported today that the Food Standards Agency said that the water may breach rules designed to protect consumers. Concern revolves around the fact that Dasani is sold as "pure, still" water, but this may be incorrect, the paper said, as minerals are added in the production process.

FSA guidelines state that the term "pure" should only apply to "single ingredient foods or to highlight the quality of ingredients." Coke adds calcium, magnesium and sodium bicarbonate to the tap water, however.

Coke said it's confident it's abiding by the local rules.

"We work closely with all regulatory bodies and in this instance we are fully satisfied that we are compliant with all guidelines and regulations," the company said in a statement.