Coca-Cola do Brasilia is looking to offload a juice company in the country, according to local reports.

Business daily Valor Economico said yesterday (16 November) that the unit plans to sell Suco Mais to 17 bottling companies within the next six weeks. The move will allow Coke Brasilia to focus its efforts on marketing new juice mixes. The companies are expected to meet next week, the paper noted.

The unit acquired Suco Mais last year, and non-carbonated juice drinks represent only 5% of Coke's profits in Brazil.

The bottlers will work in partnership with Coke, with two Coke executives sitting on the board of directors of the new Suco Mais. Coke will produce and supply the syrups, juice nectars, and powdered milk and focus on new juice formulas to introduce to the market, the paper claimed.

The new company will operate as Coke's non-carbonated drinks platform in the country.