A strike at a Coca-Cola Co. facility in Croatia has been deemed illegal.

Around 250 workers downed tools at the company's factory in the country on 2 February after talks over pay with Coca-Cola Beverages Hrvatska (Croatia) broke down. Late last week, however, a Zagreb district court ruled that the strike was illegal and that protestors should return to their posts.

The judge, Slavko Pavkovic, said that the strikers were violating labour laws.

The employees were demanding a 10% wage increase, and insisting that the 123 workers who have been recently laid off be given improved severance packages.

Marijan Sokacic, head of the Croatian Coca-Cola union, said that the workers will decide later whether to end the strike or appeal the court's ruling.

The court ruling noted that the strike began before negotiations could be completed, while the strikers did not formally announce their intentions. The strike also violated labour law, the judge added, by preventing other workers from doing their job.