Coca-Cola is to launch a new flavour in New Zealand later this month. The drinks company has announced that Coca-Cola Raspberry will hit retail outlets in the country on 30 May. A sugar-free version - Diet Coke with Raspberry - will launch at the same time.

Speaking to local Web site Scoop, Alison Sykora, region corporate affairs manager for Coca-Cola Oceania in New Zealand, said that New Zealand had been picked as the test-market for Coke Raspberry because not only were New Zealanders proven early adopters of new experiences, but they had been asking for Coca-Cola Raspberry for quite some time.

"For years, we've had numerous calls to Coca-Cola's customer services department requesting raspberry as a new Coke flavour," Sykora told the Web site. "A shot of raspberry and Coke is also a very popular choice at self-serve soda fountains, so it's really just been a case of listening to what the public wants."

Coca-Cola Raspberry (NZ$2.40 for 600ml) and Diet Coke with Raspberry (NZ$2.40 for 600ml) will only be available for a limited time. The flavour will also be available in cans, 1.5 litre and 2.25 litre packs.