Coca-Cola has hit further trouble in India, with authorities ordering the soft drink company to close a bottling line for a breach of environmental laws.

According to reports, the head of pollution control in the Southern state of Kerala has ordered the bottling plant to close immediately because of inadequate waste treatment controls.

Speaking to Associated Press, G. Rajmohan, chairman of the state's Pollution Control Board, said: "The plant does not have an adequate waste treatment system and pollution from the plant is affecting the drinking water in adjacent villages."
The Kerala plant has a history of problems for Coke.  It has long faced accusations from local pressure groups that it was depleting ground water for locals. The local authorities had the plant closed for 16 months as a result. A call for the permanent closure was ruled out by the High Courts.

Coca Cola India has hinted that it may pursue legal action as a response to the order.

Coca Cola India said in a statement: "The company is reviewing the order passed by the Chairman of the Pollution Control Board, Kerala State and is also studying its implications.

"Going forward, we are in the process of evaluating the future steps, including a judicial review," it said.