Coca-Cola's Japanese bottlers are teaming up to consolidate marketing activity in the country, according to local reports.

Nikkei Report said today (4 October) that all 12 Coke bottlers in the country, including Coca-Cola (Japan) Co. and Coca-Cola West Holdings, will fund the new company, which will merge all related sales and marketing operations. The move is an attempt by the bottlers to increase the efficiency and coordination of business meetings and sales promotions, the news service said.

The new company will take over the functions currently performed by Coca-Cola National Sales, which was formed in 1995, and Coca-Cola (Japan). These two companies oversee business communications, sales promotions and in-store activities assistance, Nikkei Report said.

The news service also said that Coca-Cola National Beverages has been integrating bottlers' production, distribution and procurement operations under a single management structure and overhauling the group's domestic business model since last year.