The soft drink giant Coca-Cola Co confirmed on Friday that it was to launch an orange juice it claims could help in the fight against cholesterol. The launch, to be called Premium Heart Wise, will be through its Minute Maid brand.

The drink is to be launched today in the US and is expected to be widely available in the country by November. It will contain plant sterols, an additive that has been used in cholesterol-fighting margarine and other food products.

Coke said that it had conducted clinical trials to back up its health claims about Heart Wise, which would be available next month. It said it had also received approval from the Food and Drug Administration to market the drink.

According to the American Heart Association 41m Americans have high cholesterol. The plant sterols are known to cut bad cholesterol levels when used consistently.

Those wishing to see the benefits of the drink will have to consumer two 8-ounce servings of Heart Wise per day, Coke has said.