Coca-cola has continued to dominate the Chinese soft drinks market and a recent survey claims the cola giant now accounts for 38.8% of the soft drink market share.

A recent sample survey carried out by China Central Television covering 35 major cities said that it is not only Coca-Cola which is performing well, local brands have also been placed in the country's top 10 favourite brands.

Business Weekly reported that Jian Li Bao, the most famous local soda ranks fourth on the top ten favourite list with a 3.6% market share and in the domestic fresh milk market Guang Ming, Yi Li and San Yuan are the three most popular brands.

Business Weekly continued to say that a survey conducted by the Horizonkey Co claims that about 80% of those surveyed like to drink bottled mineral water, 63% prefer to drink instant tea and more than 51% drink milk.

But only 8.3% of respondents said they were faithful to certain beverages and more than 71% intend to try different brands.