The Coca-Cola Company has today (6 June) completed the transition to HFC-Free insulation for 98% of newly-purchased refrigerated sales and marketing equipment.

The conversion involved implementing HFC-Free insulation in more than 1,300 different refrigeration models, making them more environmentally friendly than fridges which use HFC gases for insulation.

More than 2,000 HFC-free Coke coolers were placed at all 12 stadiums FIFA World Cup venues in Germany this week.

The Coca-Cola Company vice president of environment and water resources, Jeff Seabright, said: "This new equipment will emit 75% fewer direct green house gas emissions, as compared to traditional sales equipment on the market today. As this equipment replaces older models being retired from our fleet, it will result in an annual reduction of 30,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

"This matters because studies show that HFC emissions will constitute an increasingly greater share of global warming pollutants in the future unless business takes action."

Coke has also vowed to eliminate HFCs from refrigerant gases and reduce the energy usage of its equipment.

Seabright added: "As industry leaders it is our responsibility to invest in the research and development necessary to develop economically viable and commercially available refrigeration solutions to take us toward an HFC-free, climate- friendly future.

"We hope that other companies will join our commitment to sustainable refrigeration. By working together, we can continue to reduce the impact of commercial equipment on the environment."