A television advert for Coca-Cola has been pulled following complaints from within the company. The "Buddies" advert has had its scheduled three month run cut short by two weeks, according to sources close to the issue.

The advert features two friends taking a break from a basketball game. One of the friends takes two cans of Coke out of a fridge, drinks one of them and uses the other to cool down by applying it to his forehead, neck, stomach and then armpit. He then hands the can to his friend, who is unaware of where the can has been.

The advert was intended to run during the National Collegiate Athletic Association basketball tournament, but was aired during a golf tournament, whose TV audience included Donald Keough, a director and former president at the company. According to The Wall Street Journal Europe, Keogh complained about the ad to current president Steven Heyer. Other Coca-Cola executives and at least a few consumers also complained, according to the company.

Although Keough declined to comment to the Wall Street Journal about the matter, a person familiar with the situation says the ad's scheduled three-month run was cut short by two weeks because Keough and other critics considered it too lowbrow and not in keeping with the wholesome image traditionally used to sell Coke.