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Cognac Frapin's Multimillesime No 5

Category - Spirits' Cognac, blended, 40.7% abv

Available - From November

Location - Globally, except in the US

Price - In Europe, SRP of EUR199 (US$260) per 70cl bottle

Distribution - In UK, McKinley Vintners

The Frapin family has lined up the launch of the fifth edition of its 'Multimillesimes' Cognac expression. The latest variant is a blend of three vintages, 1982, 1986 and 1989.

A total of 1,270 individually-numbered bottles will be available globally.

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The fifth edition of the ‘Trésor du Château Fontpinot’, the Cognac Frapin “Multimillésime” series, has been launched. This bold blend of three vintages (1982, 1986 and 1989), each with its own character, is the latest in an award-winning collection that began in 2008. Each vintage has been exclusively harvested, distilled and aged at Château Fontpinot, in the heart of Grande Champagne Premier Cru de Cognac. The family-run estate of 300+ hectares has been cultivated by the Frapin family for eight centuries and today is tended by cellar master Patrice Piveteau. 

Attracted by the 1982 vintage’s noble rancio flavour, enhanced by notes of dried fruits uplifted by Brazil and hazelnut, plus a wild zest of spices, Piveteau was then drawn to 1986, balanced by fine floral notes, especially iris and fruity hints of grapefruit and fig, complemented by dashes of vanilla. Finally he chose the 1989 so that its fine shroud of flowers, dried apricot and compôte of quince would add a delicate finishing touch to Multimillésime No 5.

In addition to the stringent selection of the finest raw materials and skilful blending that lies at the heart of the Frapin culture, there is a respect for the Frapin tradition of double distillation on lees. Stored in oak casks, the eau-de-vie produced there is safeguarded carefully to ensure slow ageing.

In the glass, the Multimillésime No 5 shows golden-brown shades with orange-yellow reflections. On the nose, the bouquet is released immediately, with a waft of extremely fine flavours - strongly supported by notes of dried fruit - changing to an aromatic livery distinguished by dried apricot. It opens up into aromas of tobacco and cigar-cellar. “We are pleased that the promise of this great cognac on the nose is also delivered onto the palate. ” says Patrice Piveteau. “The Multimillésime No 5 takes a few minutes to open up fully, but then prolific and varied aromatic progressions work their magic. It should be slowly aired to allow it to develop its full potential. ” He adds.

Production is strictly limited, with just 1,270, individually numbered 70cl bottles (40.7 % volume) being produced. Packed in a classic bottle, based on an ancient cognac flagon, with a neck hemmed with cord and presented in a wooden gift box, it is expected to retail for around £245. It is being distributed in the UK exclusively by McKinley Vintners and will be available from November.


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