Spain's Supreme Court has ordered Codorniu to withdraw all of its emery-white cava bottles from the market, agreeing with a lawsuit filed by rival Freixenet.

The decision heralds the end of Spain's so-called "Cava wars," which began in the mid 90s, when Codorniu sued Freixenet for selling cava that breached legal aging procedures. Freixenet then sued Codorniu for copying the presentation of its emery-white Carta Nevada brand, a move it claimed eroded the product's sales and brand value.

In its decision, the court said Carta Nevada's emery-white bottle was an "intrinsic" part of Freixenet's brand and just as important as its name.

A Codorniu spokeswoman said the company will withdraw its last white-bottled brand Rondel, which it markets in Germany.

The court decision also affects Codorniu's Cordon Blanco cava export, which is no longer manufactured, the spokeswoman confirmed. 

She would not say when Codorniu will recall Rondel's bottles or reveal the cost, if any, of the re-packaging effort.