Redux Beverages, LLC, the makers of the controversial Cocaine Energy Drink, announced today that they have agreed temporarily to cease distribution of the Cocaine Energy Drink until the legality of using the name "Cocaine" can be firmly established.

The company said it was responding to "threats by the FDA and several state attorneys general".

In April, Redux Beverages was instructed to cease naming its energy-drink brand Cocaine. The California-based company received the demand from the US Food and Drug Administration. In a letter to Redux earlier this month, Alonza Cruse, a district director for the FDA, highlighted various claims on the product's packaging and website as requiring immediate correction

In its reply today, Redux said it intends to challenge the FDA allegations.

"But until such time as Redux wins that challenge," a statement said, "Cocaine Energy Drink will not be available for sale in the US under that name. Instead, Redux will rename its drink, with the new name to be announced in the coming weeks and the newly labelled product available for purchase soon thereafter".

"Obviously, we were forced to stop shipping the drink as 'Cocaine' for now, but we're not done fighting for our rights," said Jamey Kirby, senior partner and founder of Redux. "We've received tens of thousands of emails and phone calls from consumers expressing outrage and disbelief that the government can ban a perfectly safe product for no reason other than it has a racy name. We tried to contact Yves Saint Laurent to warn them that Opium perfume could be next, but they were too busy enjoying the freedom of expression guaranteed by the US Constitution - a freedom we here at Redux, sadly, lack."

Since April, Redux has been working with the FDA to revise its marketing, including eliminating the one statement the FDA had interpreted as making a claim to treat or cure disease.

"Despite these efforts, discussions with the FDA and state regulators convinced Redux that nothing short of getting rid of the name 'Cocaine' and the slogan 'The Legal Alternative' would mollify them," the statement said.