Coca-Cola Co has launched the latest in its series of Nascar-related adverts for Coca-Cola Zero, to coincide with the brand's fourth anniversary.

The theme of the advert is a continuation of previous campaigns, in which brand managers for the firm's flagship soft drink, Coca-Cola, attempt to thwart the Nascar drivers who advertise Coke Zero.

The brand managers are annoyed that Coke Zero has "stolen" the taste of Coca-Cola and "improved" the drink by cutting out all calories.

In the latest campaign, brand managers convince the Nascar drivers to place Coca-Cola Zero ads on their car windscreens, in order to scupper their chances in the race. The results is that most of the windscreen is covered up.

"Coke Zero, which continues to see strong growth, is The Coca-Cola Co's most successful sparkling brand since Diet Coke, which launched in 1982," said the company yesterday (2 July).

The two 60-second ads will debut during the TNT race broadcast of the Coke Zero 400 Powered by Coca-Cola on 4 July.