The Coca-Cola Company has unveiled plans to build the world's largest plastic-bottle-to-bottle recycling plant in the US.

The company said today (6 September) that it aims to invest over US$60m into reaching its goal to recycle or reuse 100% of its PET plastic bottles in the country.

Coca-Cola North America president Sandy Douglas said: "We have set an ambitious goal. Our investments in recycling infrastructure, coupled with our work on sustainable package design, will help us reach this target."

Coca-Cola and United Resource Recovery Corporation (URRC) have set out plans to build a 30-acre recycling plant in Spartanburg. The plant will produce approximately 100m pounds of food-grade recycled PET plastic for reuse each year, equivalent to nearly 2bn 20oz Coca-Cola bottles, the company said.

Douglas added: "The long-term sustainability of our business depends on our ability to ensure the sustainability of our packaging. This new recycling facility represents a significant milestone as we work to advance recycling in the US and ensure a strong end-market for our PET packaging."

National Recycling Coalition executive director Kate Krebs added: "Coca-Cola has staked a clear leadership position in its approach to sustainable packaging. The new Spartanburg plant represents an end-to-end recycling model that is world class and that I hope other industries will follow."

The plant will open next year and will be fully operational in 2009, said the company. Coca-Cola also confirmed it has invested in recycling facilities in Switzerland, Mexico, Austria and the Philippines.