Coca-Cola came sixth in this years top 100 brands list

Coca-Cola came sixth in this year's top 100 brands list

Coca-Cola is still the world's top drinks brand, according to an annual survey.

The Coca-Cola Co's flagship brand was ranked sixth in Millward Browns 2012 list of the top 100 brands with an estimated value of US$74.29bn, a 1% increase on last year, when Coke also placed sixth. The survey included Light, Diet and Zero in Coca-Cola's brand value.

Anheuser-Busch InBev's Budweiser, including Bud Light, was the next best drinks brand, claiming 48th spot, three better than 2011, with an estimated $15.9bn value. 

PepsiCo's Pepsi, including diet varieties, dropped four places to 67th with an estimated value of $12.6bn, a 3% decrease from the year before.

Once again, technology dominated the top positions in the Brandz survey. Apple maintained the top spot with an estimated value of $183bn, a 19% increase from 2011. IBM was second and Google third while MacDonald’s and Microsoft were 4th and 5th respectively.

Two other drinks brand made the top 100: Red Bull moved up 13 positions to No. 80 and its estimated value increased 8% to $10bn. Chinese brand Maotai, meanwhile, made the list for the first time.

The sorghum-based baijiu is the most popular baijiu in China, pushing it to two spots behind Pepsi at 69. Maotai has an estimated brand value of $11.8bn.

Budweiser's increase of three positions in the list despite no change in its estimated brand value highlighted this year's fall in total value of the companies on the list. 

Millward Brown said it is the first time this has happened since it started the report in 2005 and blamed it on business slowdown in Brazil and China.

Nearly half of the companies on the list dropped in value, Millward Brown said. The biggest faller was supermarket brand Carrefour with a 43% decrease.

Facebook had the biggest increase, up 74% and leaping 16 spots to 19th.