The Coca-Cola Co. has opened a Chinese medicine research centre in Beijing.

The company said today (15 October), that The Coca-Cola Research Center for Chinese Medicine is part of its long-term agreement with the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences.

The opening of the research centre will be followed by a personal health workshop, co-sponsored by The Beverage Institute for Health & Wellness of The Coca-Cola Co. (BIHW), focusing on traditional Chinese medicine's approach to healthy living.

Coca-Cola vice president, chief scientific and regulatory officer Dr. Rhona Applebaum said: "We see this centre as an important step in strengthening our innovation pipeline for beverages that contribute to well-being. This collaboration will ultimately help us bring the insights and benefits of traditional Chinese medicine to consumers all over the world.

"We can add global reach and world-class marketing skills to help promote Chinese wisdom in preventive holistic health through new and innovative beverages."

The centre will combine both the research experience of TCCC and the academy's team of researchers and scientific technology, the company said.

China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences president Dr. Hongxin Cao added: "Prevention is one of the key guiding philosophies behind Chinese medical sciences. As a result, Chinese medicine has theories and practices to help people live healthier lives. By joining forces with The Coca-Cola Co., we will be much more effective in bringing Chinese medicine to the world through packaged beverages."