Coca-Cola North America has unveiled a new television advert aimed at family audiences across the US.

The soft drinks company said today (21 November), that the adverts, part of its 'Coke Side of Life' campaign, involve a 30 second spot called 'At The Table', which will be aired during family programming times in the run up to Christmas.

The adverts will be shown on channels "such as ESPN and ABC's college football broadcasts during Thanksgiving weekend, and on ABC's broadcast of 'The Polar Express' on 30 November", the company said.

The campaign emphasises the importance of family meal times and will be followed by a second installment entitled 'Around The Table', which will be aired nationally in January, the company added.

Coca-Cola North America chief marketing officer Katie Bayne said: "Each of these 'Coke Side of Life' ads is about friends and families connecting and sharing. There is now considerable research that shows the tangible benefits of sharing meals together. We understand and believe in the value of coming together - during the holidays and every day."

Coca-Cola has confirmed that its 'Arctic Beach Party' advertising, featuring a family of polar bears and penguins, will also be aired during the holidays, while its 'Coca-Cola Sundblom Santa' will begin appearing in out-of-home advertising in cities around the US this week.