Coca-Cola has launched a new bottled water in London called Glacéau, a brand the company bought from its founder Darius Bikoff for GBP2.1bn (US$4.1bn) last May.

This will be Coca-Cola's first bottled water launch in four years, following the withdrawal of Dasani from the UK in 2004 after only a short time on the market. In what was heralded a marketing disaster for the company, Dasani was withdrawn from the UK, following a media-fuelled furore over it being purified mains water and the discovery of higher than permitted levels of bromate.

The new Glacéau vitamin water is a nutrient boosted "lifestyle" drink in six flavours; dragonfruit, orange-orange, tropical citrus, lemonade, fruit punch and raspberry-apple.

Coca-Cola will not disclose how much it is spending on the UK launch.

To date, the product is available at Selfridges and around 50 independent central London stores but will be rolled out across the UK.

Cathryn Sleight, marketing director, Coca-Cola GB said: "We are very excited about giving people in Britain the chance to drink this fantastic and great tasting product this summer. We believe that Glacéau vitamin water is a very special brand and will be as popular here, as it has become in the US since it was launched eight years ago".