Coca-Cola East and Central Africa has launched a fruit flavoured light malt non-alcoholic beverage in Kenya.

Schweppes Novida is available in three flavours - pineapple, apple and tropical - in two packs - 300 ml returnable glass bottles and 250ml slim-line cans - the company said today (27 November).

The product will initially be offered in Nairobi with the brand targeting supermarkets, hotels, bars, restaurants and quick service eateries in the city.

Maserame Mouyeme, marketing director for Coca-Cola East and Central Africa, said that the introduction of Novida into the Kenyan market is part of a global strategic move to meet the ever-changing consumer demands and taste preferences. "Around the world, Coca-Cola is aware that consumer demands and tastes are constantly changing," Mouyeme said. "We are alive to this fact and are dedicated to continuous innovation."

Novida will be supported in Kenya by a marketing campaign, which includes print and electronic advertising, billboards, mall branding, point-of-purchase displays and interactive media via the web.

The brand will also launch its consumer sampling programme tomorrow (28 November) in Nairobi.

"Even with existing players, this remains a largely unexploited category," Mouyeme added. "We have made significant investment plans to support Novida to ensure we tap into the potential of this segment fully. This category is ripe for a new premium brand of a non-alcoholic malt based drink."