Coca-Cola North America has launched a new 'on-the-go' bottle design.

The company said today (5 September) that it has introduced a new 20oz PET contour bottle for all of its Coca-Cola brands. The bottle, which is targeted at people looking for convenient and immediate refreshment, showcases an easy-to-hold and easy-to-open design, the company said.

The new recyclable bottle, embossed with the Coca-Cola logo, differs to the current 20oz contour bottle, due to its added texture and grip enhancements and uses 5% less PET than its predecessor.

The bottle launch will be supported by an integrated marketing campaign, including out-of-home and radio advertising as well as point of sale displays, vending machines and posters with the tagline 'Get a Grip on Your Thirst'. The bottle will begin rolling out in convenience stores this month and will be available across the US by early next year.

Coca-Cola North America chief marketing officer Katie Bayne said: "We've taken America's favourite brand and interpreted its famous contour bottle in a fresh new way which we think is perfect for today's active consumer. The new Coca-Cola contour bottle is another example of the company's commitment to creating new products and packaging that meets consumers' needs."