Fanta is Indias fourth largest selling ready-to-drink soft drink

Fanta is India's fourth largest selling ready-to-drink soft drink

Coca-Cola India is to re-enter the branded, powdered ready-to-drink market through its Fanta brand.

Coca-Cola confirmed to just-drinks yesterday (25 April) that it will re-enter the category at the INR5 (US$0.11) price point, targeting "the consumer segment at the bottom of the socio economic pyramid".

Its move marks the soft drinks giant's first foray into powdered beverages in India for six years.

The Fanta Fun Taste powder sachet contains enough to make one 20cl serving, with the consumer just needing to add water.

Fanta is India's fourth largest selling soft drink, currently available in a 20cl returnable glass bottle and sold at around INR8. The new format is being launched as a pilot in Mumbai and a couple of towns in Gujarat before a decision is made on whether to roll it out wider.

In the pilot phase, Fanta Fun taste powder will be retailed in around 15,000 outlets. Coca-Cola distributors will supply stocks to the retailers.

"Coca-Cola India's entry product for the segment has been enhanced with the
addition of Vitamins B3, B6, B9, B12," the firm said. "The sachet has pre-added sugar but there is no carbonation. The strategy behind entering the category with Fanta is in keeping with the brand connect that it enjoys with the teens along with its fun imagery, and great orangey taste."