Coca-Cola Icecek, the Turkey-based soft drinks producer and bottler of Coca-Cola Co brands for Central Asia and the Middle East, has reported double digit volume growth in 2008.

Volumes rose by 11% for the 12 months to 533m unit cases, each containing 5.7 litres, Coca-Cola Icecek (CCI) said today (16 January).

Volumes in the fourth quarter rose by 15%, boosted by the addition of Pakistan to the firm's customer list.

CCI warned that the global economic slowdown has begun to bite in some markets, however.

"Strong growth in the Middle East markets continued, although growth rates in the Central Asia Region lagged well behind expectations in 2008," it said, adding that Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan were worst hit.

International volumes still rose by 15% for the year, while the company's native Turkey reported growth of 10%, boosted by promotions around Ramadan and the UEFA European Championship, as well as launches of Coca-Cola Zero and Sprite 3G.