Click through to view Tetra Paks new TGA Leaf carton

Click through to view Tetra Pak's new TGA Leaf carton

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Coca-Cola Hellenic is the first company to use a new Tetra Pak package for The Coca-Cola Co’s Dobry juice range in Russia.

The Tetra Gemina Aseptic (TGA) Leaf has four leaf-shaped panels and will launch in a 100cl package size, Tetra Pak said yesterday (5 December). Coca-Cola Hellenic said the new packaging will help Dobry stand out in the Russian market.

“Russians like and value innovation,” said Pierre Philippenko, marketing director for Multon, a unit of Coca-Cola. “I’m confident that Dobry consumers will like Dobry juice in this new and more convenient package.”

Tetra Pak said the TGA Leaf will give clients greater flexibility as customers can choose from three shapes and four sizes.

In October, Tetra Pak completed a US$54.2m plant upgrade in Singapore to tap the Asia-Pacific market.