Coca-Cola Enterprises has lined up an addition to its Relentless energy drink brand in the UK.

The company announced today (27 July) that Relentless Shots, a 50ml serving of the drink, will launch in the country this week, backed by a "multi-million pound" marketing push. The serving will provide the same amount of energy as the original 250ml offering of Relentless, containing 80mg of caffeine and vitamins B6 and B12.

"The energy shot moves away from the refreshing, longer drink commonly found within energy, to the immediately consumed, big energy hit that consumers require," said David Leslie, the brand manager for Relentless at Coca-Cola Enterprises.

"Proximity to other impulse categories in-store is key to ensure success of this launch. With this in mind, we have developed sales-ready case packaging, as well as a selection of merchandising and shopper communication solutions to educate consumers on the proposition."

POS materials will also be available from August and will include a range of till-point merchandising.

Relentless, which is only available in the UK, was launched in February 2006.