Coca-Cola Embonor has reported a lift profits for its first quarter.

The Chile-based Coca-Cola bottler, which also operates in neighbouring Bolivia, said yesterday (5 May) that net profits for the three months to the end of March increased year-on-year by 6.4% to CLP9.9m (US$21,136).

The profit rise came on the back of a 1.7% rise in sales for the quarter, to CLP59.7m.

Operating profits followed suit, albeit less markedly, inching up by 1.2% to 12.7m.

Last month, Coca-Cola Embonor issued US$43.5m in local bonds, split into $21.7m in nine-year bonds, and $21.75m in eight-year bonds. The nine-year bonds offer a yield of 3.48%, while the eight-year bonds offer 3.49%