Coca-Cola Embonor has reported that in the first nine months of 2002, sales were 1.9% up on the same period last year. The company's improved performance was largely due to an increase in sales in Peru and Bolivia.

Embonor is the sole distributor of Coca-Cola products in Peru and Bolivia, and controls around 35% of sales in the Chilean market through regional franchises.

By the end of September, the company had sold 125.7 million cases of soft drinks. Each case is equivalent to 24 eight-ounce bottles or 5.7 litres.

The company's sales in September were 5.6% higher than the same month in 2001. Sales in Peru rose 14.3% to 2.5 million cases, while Bolivian sales rose 6.9% to 5.7 million cases. Sales in Chile also rose by 1.0% to 5.6 million cases.

Embonor is responsible for almost 4% of total sales of Coca-Cola products in Latin America.