Coca-Cola Embonor has made a prepayment on its current loan with an international bank.

The Chilean soft drink bottler said yesterday (21 August) that it has made a US$50m capital prepayment on a $180m syndicated loan.

The loan was taken in December 2004 with Rabobank International and BCI Asesorias Financieras, Embonor said in a filing with the local securities regulator.

Embonor, which bottles Coca-Cola Co. products in Chile and Bolivia, recently issued a set of local bonds. In a filing last week on the Santiago stock exchange, the bottler issued bonds worth US$54.2m. The company reportedly gave the bonds a yield of 4.13% for the next ten years.

Coca-Cola Embonor has also posted results consolidated to the 30 June, registering utilities by US$11.8bn, showing a growth of 103.2% compared to the same period of the previous year. The company said that an important factor in this growth in Chile and Bolivia was the launch of the Coca-Cola Zero brand into both markets.