Coca-Cola has removed the artificial sweetener sodium cyclamate from the formula for Coke Zero in Mexico.

Speaking to just-drinks yesterday (17 March), a spokesperson from Coca-Cola said: "The new formulation of Coca-Cola Zero is the result of significant advances in food technology that were not available a year ago, when we launched Coca-Cola Zero in Mexico."

The sweetener, which has been linked in Mexico to posing a cancer risk, has been replaced with a combination of two other artificial sweeteners, aspartame and acesulfame-K.

The company claims that the change has been introduced following the discovery of "a new formulation that tastes even more like Classic Coca-Cola". Updated packaging for Coke Zero in Mexico carries the statement 'without cyclamate' written in Spanish.

The spokesperson added: "This change is consistent with our promise to consumers: 'zero sugar and all the taste of Coca-Cola'."