Coca-Cola de Argentina has filed a criminal complaint against two executives at Aguas Danone de Argentina and an executive at Euro RSCG Buenos Aires under the country's Unfair Trade Practices statute.

The company alleges that the people named in the suit have "orchestrated and executed a widely circulated, two-year Internet smear campaign that included the dissemination of false statements against the Dasani water brand".

Coca-Cola de Argentina continued: "These malicious actions, which called into question the quality of Dasani, have misled consumers and negatively impacted the reputation and image of the brand and Coca-Cola de Argentina."

In its statement, Coca-Cola de Argentina also said that Coca-Cola has a single set of global quality standards and that Dasani is "absolutely safe and meets all quality standards and requirements established by the Argentine government and the World Health Organization".

"The evidence presented to the court clearly demonstrates this Internet propaganda campaign was designed to discredit the Dasani brand and hamper its entry into the market, and clearly warrants the extraordinary step of filing a criminal complaint," the company said, adding that it had "complete faith in the Argentine legal system" and was looking forward to a favorable decision.