The Coca-Cola Co. has teamed up with alternative transport company ZAP to distribute its beverages across Montevideo, Uruguay.


The Coca-Cola subsidiary Montevideo Refrescos said on Wednesday (23 January) that the initiative involves using 30 of the company's low fuel-guzzling ZAP Xebra trucks to distribute its products into urban areas.

ZAP director of international affairs Fernando Cancela said: "Urban deliveries are becoming more and more challenging with traffic congestion and parking shortages. These ZAP Xebras will help Coca-Cola create a new distribution system that will be better for our cities as well as for their bottom line."

Monresa, Uruguay distribution manager Jorge Apesetche added: "Our commitment is not just good corporate responsibility; it's good business. The bottom line is that our business depends on the health and sustainability of our planet and the natural resources that we all share. ZAP Xebras will help improve our distribution operations, save money, time and the environment."

"Modified with enclosed, lockable beds, the ZAP Xebras will navigate the more narrow, inner-city streets, making deliveries to smaller retail locations. Because the ZAP trucks will operate more easily in this environment, officials from Coca-Cola say their drivers can deliver vehicles and collect payment at the same time, whereas collections were not practical with the larger trucks," said the soft drinks company.