Coca-Cola Co said it will “rigorously protect and defend” its Simply line

Coca-Cola Co said it will “rigorously protect and defend” its 'Simply' line

The Coca-Cola Co said it will "rigorously protect and defend" its 'Simply' line of juices after filing a lawsuit against Aldi for infringement of patents of the brand.

The suit, filed on 24 September in the US District Court in Atlanta, claims the German retailer's 'Nature's Nectar' juice brand uses packaging that infringes on Coca-Cola's patents for its 'Simply' range.

The soft drinks maker is understood to be seeking a jury trial for punitive damages, profits Aldi gained from the alleged infringement, attorney's fees and other damages, Bizjournals reported earlier this week.

A spokesperson for Simply brand-owner Glaceau, which Coca-Cola bought in 2007 said: "Simply has made significant investments in building the brand based on the distinctive and iconic look of its packaging, and we will rigorously protect and defend the brand against potential trademark infringement."

Coca-Cola began selling the Simply juices line in 2001. The beverage is sold in a carafe-shaped, clear plastic bottle with a green enclosure. The firm is said to have "several" patents on this design.

A spokesperson for Aldi said: "We have no comment on this issue."