The Coca-Cola Company has settled a legal spat in the US concerning the presence of benzene in some of its drinks.

The company confirmed yesterday (14 May) that it will reformulate the ingredients of its Vault Zero and Fanta Pineapple products in light of the settlement, as well as offering refunds or replacements to consumers.

Coca-Cola's move follows earlier settlements in the case with Talking Rain, makers of Talking Rain Sparkling Juice, In Zone, makers of Bellywashers, and Meridian Beverage Company, manufacturers of AquaCal flavoured waters.

However, among the companies still being charged in the lawsuits are PepsiCo, Sunny Delight, Shasta Beverages - a division of the National Beverage Company, Rockstar Brewing, Polar Beverages, Safeway Stores, and Publix Supermarkets.

The lawsuits were filed in courts in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Florida, Kansas and California.

In August, Coca-Cola dismissed claims that some of its brands contained benzene, which has been linked with leukaemia. The drinks company said that the lawsuit which made the claims was more about "lining lawyers' pockets" than about consumer safety.