The Coca-Cola Co. has been forced to scrap three poster adverts for its Vitaminwater drinks brand after the UK's advertising watchdog ruled that they may mislead consumers.

One poster that claimed Vitaminwater could give the consumer "more muscles than brussels" has been banned for implying that the vitamin-enhanced soft drink has more benefits than vegetables - specifically brussels sprouts.

In a ruling handed down today (7 October), the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said that another posted could mislead consumers by suggesting that Vitaminwater could help to stave off illness. The poster's tagline read: "Keep perky when youre feeling murky."

The ASA also banned a third advert, a leaflet, for talking up Vitaminwater's health benefits, while failing to sufficiently highlight that one bottle of the drink contains a quarter of the recommended daily sugar intake.

"We are disappointed if not a little perplexed at the ruling regarding the recent glaceau vitaminwater lines," a Coca-Cola spokesperson told just-drinks today.

"With only three consumer complaints and clearly a misunderstanding of the brand's tongue-in-cheek humour, we were surprised that references to 'more muscles than brussels' and popeye and spinach would imply that we were comparing our products to vegetables."

The firm said that the 'brussels' tagline was in fact a reference to Hollywood actor the actor Jean Claude Van Damme who was commonly labelled "the Muscles from Brussels".

The spokesperson added: "That said we want to reassure consumers (and the ASA) that we take our role as providers of tasty enhanced hydration beverages very seriously and promise that we will continue to make every effort never to over claim or be dull when talking about our products."