Click through to view the Coca-Cola Co aspartame ad

Click through to view the Coca-Cola Co aspartame ad

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The Coca-Cola Co has launched a US ad campaign to tackle health concerns around the artificial sweetener aspartame.

The print ad, which first appeared in newspapers today (14 August), claims that “the safety of aspartame is supported by more than 200 studies over the last 40 years”. The ad states: “Time and again, these low- and no-calorie sweeteners have shown to be safe, high-quality alternatives to sugar.”

A Coca-Cola spokeperson told just-drinks: “We know that people have questions about aspartame. So, we created this print ad to address their concerns and make it easier for them to get the facts.”

The company says it is offering more low- and no-calorie options to “change with the times and people's tastes”.

Earlier this year, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) launched a consultation on the safety of aspartame after the European Commission said another review was due because of "new scientific evidence" related to the sweetener.

Coca-Cola's campaign is part of a wider initiative started earlier this year, which acknowleged the role the company has in tackling the issue of obesity.

Around 29% of US adults are now classified as 'obese', according to latest figures from the Centers for Disease Control.