The Coca-Cola Co has launched the first television advert of its FIFA World Cup ‘Celebrations’ campaign.

The lead commercial, titled 'History of Celebration', features Cameroon former footballer Roger Milla, who is renowned for his celebratory dance during the World Cup in 1990.

The spot opens with footage of one of Milla’s goals and dance celebration, and continues with a montage of players celebrating goals.

“Our entire football campaign was designed to amplify the global ‘Open Happiness’ campaign for Coca-Cola,” said Emmanuel Seuge, group director of worldwide sports and entertainment marketing at Coca-Cola.

A second animated spot, named 'Quest', follows the journey of a young footballer playing the game in Africa, who interacts with animated versions of other players and 'robots', all with their own celebration styles.

The third advert 'Border Crossing' relates to Coca-Cola's World Cup Trophy Tour, and features a Coke delivery truck being stopped at a border crossing for inspection, which subsequently turns into a celebration.

The TV spots are one aspect of the World Cup marketing campaign launched by Coca-Cola last year, which includes in-store displays, packaging, music, experiential and digital programmes in around 150 countries.

The commercials have begun to air in a number of countries globally and will continue to run in the months leading up to the World Cup and during the tournament itself.