The Coca-Cola Co says it does not know who is responsible for the video

The Coca-Cola Co says it does not know who is responsible for the video

An online video claiming that The Coca-Cola Company is planning to start selling its flagship cola in branded plastic bags is a fake, the company has revealed.

The video, which appears on You Tube and can be viewed below, features a narrator explaining that the idea came after street vendors in El Salvador started selling Coke in bags as customers "don't want to pay the extra deposit for the returnable glass bottle". The video claims Coca-Cola has subsequently come up with its own bag "in the unique Coca-Cola bottle shape".

It also suggests that the company is looking to roll out the plastic bag "around the world". 

But a Coca-Cola spokesperson confirmed to just-drinks today (10 July) that the video is a fake. The plastic bags featured are not currently available in any of Coca-Cola's markets and there are no plans to start producing them, the spokesperson said. 

The company also admitted it did not know who was responsible for the "fake" video. 

"Currently, there is no presentation of Coca-Cola in plastic bags in any country of Central America," a company statement said. "Recently, a video was circulated on different social networks, which suggests the existence of this presentation in the market.

"In this regard, it is necessary to clarify that The Coca-Cola Company is not the author of the video and is not responsible for its dissemination."

The company currently distributes Coca-Cola in Central America countries in cans, plastic PET and glass, the statement added.