The new packs will appear by the first half of next year, Coca-Cola said

The new packs will appear by the first half of next year, Coca-Cola said

The Coca-Cola Co's UK and Ireland unit has vowed to include full nutrition information on the vast majority of its products as part of an agreement with government. 

The colour-coded labelling scheme, also known as “traffic light labelling”, will list the amount of calories, sugar, fat, saturates and salt on the front of products. The new labelling will appear “within the first half of next year”, Coca-Cola GB said. 

Some of Coca-Cola's products in the UK and Ireland have previously featured 'guideline daily amount' information, but the new colour-coded system is in-line with other producers. 

Jon Woods, Coca-Cola UK & Ireland's general manager, said that shoppers had “told us they want a single, consistent labelling scheme across all food and drink products to help them make the right choices for them and their families. That is why we have decided to adopt it across our full range of brands.” Only Schweppes Abbey Well and Glaceau Smartwater will not feature the labelling. 

The move is a further commitment by Coca-Cola to the UK Government's public health Responsibility Deal, which encourages firms to make voluntary changes to help consumers with healthier choices. 

Jane Ellison, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Public Health, said: "I am delighted that Coca-Cola Great Britain has adopted this Government’s voluntary front of pack labelling scheme.

"It will help consumers make informed choices and lead a healthier lifestyle.”

Yesterday, Coca-Cola unveiled details of a marketing campaign for its new stevia-sweetened Life brand. Last year, the company relaunched Sprite as a new "low-calorie" product, also using stevia