Australian Coke bottler, Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA), has launched Diet Coke with Lemon on the Australian market and says it has a further eight new products under consideration. Among the products being developed are thought to be flavoured mineral waters and sports drinks.

Amatil's move in Australia is consistent with the Coca-Cola Co.'s general strategy to attack a challenging market with new product innovation. Aggressive marketing and NPD work - notably in the non-carbonated sector - from PepsiCo was the prime reason for last year's decline in Coca-Cola's share of the US soft drinks market, the first such fall for two years.

The fightback is being launched in the US, Australia and in Europe where Coca-Cola recently announced plans to launch 32 new products this year.

Amatil said there were no plans at this stage to introduce Coke Vanilla, scheduled to be launched in the US next month, to Australian consumers.