The UK-based producer of Cobra Beer, the Indian beer brand, is to launch an alcohol-free variation of the beer.

Cobra Alcohol-Free will be available in 330ml bottles in the UK and in the European and Asian export markets.

Cobra's founder and CEO Karan Bilimoria said: "Cobra 0.0% is by far the best alcohol-free beer available in the market today. We didn't like the taste of virtually all the non-alcoholic beers currently available throughout the world and saw an opportunity to capitalise on this market by producing a high-quality, great tasting product."

"We are very pleased to be branching out into exciting new markets," added Simon Edwards, Cobra Beer's marketing director. "We took it upon ourselves to brew a non-alcoholic lager that would, unlike the existing brands on the market, have that smooth and satisfying taste that sophisticated drinkers want from a beer. We feel that we have succeeded beyond even our own expectations."